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This website is a home for all my things, whether that is the gallery which shows off many parts of my life and my previous website builds, or the Guides section which will be home to almost anythinfg and everything I find helpful. But the main purpose of this website is simple, it is somewhere I can practice my web design with nearly no limitations to what I can do, and as such expect this website to change every once in a while - It may even be broken once or twice while I make a new version.

About Me



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An Image of me infront of a waterfall this summer.

My name's Shaun Wilkinson, and I've been a resident of the beautiful Isle of Skye, on Scotlands west coast for just over two years now. I'm a full time employee of Sitekit, currently working as a technical assistant specialising in SharePoint 2013 which is a company-wide intranet of sorts, I'm also beginning to look into and work on Microsoft CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) which as the name suggests is a large program that deals with customer relations among many other things. So I could be considered a beginner jack-of-all-trades.

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I'm a perfectionist, I don't like to stop till something, is in my eyes, the best that it can be and this site is quite a strong representation of that, having gone through countless large and small redesigns and tweaks since I created it.

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Feel free to send me a message using the form below, I'm looking for suggestions to what to add, take away or basically any constructive critisism on the website. Anybody is also welcome to send me any general message if they'd like to talk though.