At some point in future this page will holds links to many guides on many different topics, right this moment what I've got planned is Coding guides, covering HTML, CSS and C# to start with and expanding out from there. If you'd like to see anything that's not here or just have some suggestions to give me then you're welcome to contact me below.





SharePoint 2013 Guides

SharePoint 2013 Basics - 11/11/2013

This is a general guide to several of SharePoints' basic, most used features. Specifically it covers Navigation, Search, Account permissions, Creating and Modifying views and Profiles. I'm more than happy to extend this guide further if anyone is interested.

Editing Search Result Displays in SharePoint 2013 - 12/11/2013

This short guide details how Search results can be edited to include almost any information or to remove bits if not needed. This is quite an advanced SharePoint topic that requires good knowledge of HTML and CSS aswell as a general understanding of the SharePoint backend and what relates to what.

Manipulating Default Library New File Templates in SharePoint 2013 - 19/11/2013

​ This short guide will explain how to add or remove 'New Document Templates' (Site Content Types) for libraries. These options are library specific, meaning any changes will only effect the current library.

Creating and Modifying Views in SharePoint 2013 - 26/11/2013

Rather than creating Folders, which can and generally will cause several issues in SharePoint, to organize your documents, it’s far more useful to create Views. A View is simply a filtered and ordered listing of a Library.

How to Create a Subsite in SharePoint 2013 - 03/12/2013

This guide describes how to create a new project site in SharePoint 2013. Project sites are account specific workspaces used to store uncontrolled, working documents. Each project site has a document library which has no document control. This ensures that multiple files can easily be uploaded and worked on.

 Creating a SharePoint Blog using Word 2013 - 16/12/2013

In this guide we’ll cover how to publish blog posts with Microsoft Word 2013 and SharePoint 2013. Now Microsoft Word has had blogging capabilities since 2007 and they’ve not changed too much in all those years but it is a powerful feature nonetheless and certainly worth covering.

"Go to Library" Feature for Sharepoint 2013 Search - 08/01/2014

I’ve recently been working on some usability features for SharePoint, and I’ve came up with a few new things which I’ll be releasing in the next few days hopefully. This is a small but helpful one, this feature can generally be found in the hoverpanel on search results, but I’ve been told that Mac’s in particular don’t like the hover panel so I decided to add one of the more helpful features located on it into the search results directly.

How to Save to SharePoint 2013 - 18/06/2014

This small guide will cover several ways to save to SharePoint from drag & drop, uploading to SharePoint and saving to SP directly from Word and other office applications.

C# Guides

Visual C# .NET (20.37MB)

This is a very good tutorial from knowing nothing to working with 2-dimensional arrays and other confusing and fun topics. Full blown 481 page manual on C#. 13/11/2013

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