Manipulating Default Library File Templates 

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​This short guide will explain how to add or remove 'New Document Templates' (Site Content Types) for libraries. These options are library specific, meaning any changes will only effect the current library.​


​​To Start

    1. Go to the library you would like to add or remove the templates.​

    2. Click Library at the top of the page followed by Library Settings to the far right.

    3. The next ​step varies depending on whether you are adding or deleting a template so I'll break it into two sections.

​To Add

    1. ​​​Click Advanced Settings which is in the left-most column of the settings.

    2. Ensure that "Allow management of content types?" is set to Yes.

    3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Ok to apply the set​​tings.

    4. You'll be taken back to the previous page, now scroll down and you should see Content Types.

    5. Click Add from existing site content types and you'll be taken to a page which allows you to choose which templates you would like to use in the current library.

    6. Add whichever Site Content Types you wish followed by Ok to apply the settings.​

To Re​​​move

    1. ​​To remove templates scroll down to Content types and click on the name of the Content type you wish to remove.

    2. On the page you're now on click Delete this content type.

    3. ​A popup will appear asking for confirmation, Click OK and the content type will be deleted from that library.

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